Put a Ring on It


The venue was perfect for a little mountain wedding. The weather was perfect with no snow and little wind.  The bride was beautiful in her tea length gown and the groom was sharp in his tuxedo.  The ring bearer got a good trade of fruit snacks for the rings with the best man.  The bridesmaids were talented walking in heels on a hill and sinking grass (the groomsmen helped a little). Down to the very last detail of the wedding, it was perfect.  For my sister and now brother-in-law, it was what they wanted: a gathering of close family and friends to witness their marriage and their beginning of their devotion to each other and God.


I’m not going to lie, I have been planning my wedding on Pinterest for the past five years (along with many other wanna-be-brides) and after being behind the scenes of my sister’s, there are many things I never thought of. We don’t realize that when it actually comes down to planning an actual wedding, there are a lot of details that can get passed over or even forgot about. These little details can be the ones that don’t complete the big picture or the one that brings it all together.  I had the chance to catch some of the details at my sister’s wedding but what I wanted to catch most was the rings.




The rings symbolize marriage, but they can also represent so much more to other people.  It could be “I’m in a contract with another person for the rest of my life” or “a token of my affection” as it is said at most weddings.  At #CampbellCoupling, the ring was a token of affection but also a symbol of thanks and gratefulness.  The bride and groom repeated after the pastor “Every time I look at your ring, I will be thankful that you are mine. Every time I look at my ring, I will be grateful that you chose me.”


I may not have a ring to tell someone that I am grateful for them, but I do have my letters on my necklace for my sisters in agriculture, that K-State College of Ag pin on my bag that displays the people I am grateful for and my FROG (Forever Rely On God) bracelet for my faith.  The ladies in my sorority, AgEd classmates, advisors and faith have helped me get through the hard and stressful times in college.  Sigma Alpha and AgEd have given me so many opportunities to grow as an individual as well as growth for the organization and AgEd program.  My faith has been there when no one else was able to help.  Those little details of choosing a specific major, a specific organization to get involved in and a church and place to worship have helped paint a bigger picture from what I want to do in life.  I may not be to the point of putting the big picture together yet, but I’m working on it a little at a time.


I may not be to the chapter yet of putting a ring on my significant other’s ring finger, but I am to the chapter of finding myself and placing that invisible ring around my sisters and AgEd folks that I am thankful for.


To my Sisters in Agriculture, not only at K-State (you know who you are), thank you for your love and passion for Agriculture and helping build professional women to go out into the workforce. Love my Baby Bulls Forever!


To my AgEd peps, especially Block I and II folks, I don’t know what I would do without your encouragement and times of laughter when they are most needed. #TeachAg


To my church family, Life Group and God, thank you….Thank you for the support of pursuing God.  Thanks for your amazing cookies at LifeGroup, Mitzi and the #Realtalks Robin! God- Thank you for your forgiveness, your support, and never ending love.


Putting a ring on a finger, metaphorically speaking, is commitment that needs to be 100% all the time.  This metaphoric ring can be a commitment to a friend, family, organization, job, or a dedication to something for yourself. So I challenge you to make the commitment and put a ring on your finger and do the same to your opportunity, whatever and wherever it may be. Go in wholeheartedly and dedicate 100% to it. It will definitely make the big picture clearer and more beautiful with the details.


With love, commitment and sisterly advice,


Melissa Poet


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