Life Lessons Brought to You by Your College Roommates

“You’re annoying and stupid and no one can stand to be around you”. I will never forget what it felt like to stand in my own apartment with tears running down my face as my best friend turned worst enemy screamed this in my face. I’m sure you’re asking yourself “why would someone write an article like this with a statement like that?” Well truthfully, at one time, I couldn’t wait to live by myself and I though living with other would be the death of me but after moving from the dorms to an apartment to an adorable house on Hartford Street I can honestly say living with others has been the most amazing and important experience of my college career and this is why:

Living with Others Teaches You Who You Really Are

I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of roommates. From settling roommate feuds as an RA to my own personal experiences, I have almost seen it all. Living with others is inevitably an emotional roller coaster. Whether you love or hate your roommates you will eventually reach that point where you show your true self.  When your roommates make you angry you will learn whether you’re the kind of person to cry, yell or even flush their toothbrush down the toilet in spite (yes I’ve seen this done). When you’ve had a rough week you will learn whether you are the type of person that needs roommates to vent to, needs a shoulder to cry on or if you’d rather just shut yourself in your room so they leave you alone to ignore the world. When you get that dream job or ace that test you will discover if you’re the type to run up and down the halls celebrating or if you would rather just buy yourself a cup of coffee and keep it to yourself. All these little things teach you more about yourself, how you handle difficult situations and the type of support system you need to get you through this crazy thing called life.

Bad Roommates Teach You to Create Your Own Happiness

Whether your roommates are messy, mean or staying up until 3am throwing parties every night so you can’t sleep, you probably weren’t a happy camper about any part of the situation. Screaming matches, tears and emotional breakdowns are often symptoms of living with bad roommates. But more likely than not, you wiped those tears off your face, you controlled your anger and you left the room to change the situation for yourself. Whether that meant moving into an apartment of your own, leaving the house for several hours or simply moving in with different people you had to make the decision to not allow others hurtful words or a bad situation ruin your life. You found people to support you through that rough patch of your life and you moved onto bigger and better things. While the hurt and anger probably still remains, not allowing a little hiccup ruin the standards you’ve set for yourself or the plans you’ve made for your future is one of the most important things you will take away from that bad experience. And not allowing others determine your happiness or your confidence in yourself is a priceless life lesson.

There’s Nothing Better than Finding Your People

It’s been a rough week. Around the “Hartford House” that usually means an abundance of fried food and an excessive amount of Grey’s Anatomy is about to follow. Whether it’s pilling one too many of us in the car to get Crunch Wraps from Taco Bell or hanging out in the back yard playing corn hole, the everyday shenanigans that have become our routine, will be the memories we look back on and cherish one day. Sure we all still have those appalling stories of the roommate that once ate the whole cake you baked for your best friend’s birthday, but what we will really remember will be the roommates that became our K-State Family. We’ll remember the 2 a.m. McDonalds runs, the trips to the Thrift Shop when we blared the song  Thrift Shop on our way and all the birthdays, tailgates, and coffee runs in between. We’ll remember and cherish the roommates that listened to our meltdowns, dealt with all our weird quirks, loved us through it all and taught us to love this crazy beautiful life.

–In Sisterhood

Megan Schuster


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