The Importance of being Politically Aware

Many millennials do not think that it is important to be involved, or even aware of what is happening in politics. I have to respectfully disagree.


Studies show that people who are more involved politically from the first election they can vote in, the more likely they are to be involved the rest of their lives. That holds true for us as well. Our generation is who is going to be effected the most by what is happening now, not our parents, us.


Politics aside, Bernie Sanders started a movement with millennials. “Feel the Bern” was more about getting young people motivated than it was about free college tuition. If our generation turned out as a whole, we would outnumber the baby boomers. That’s huge. We have a voice and it’s a big voice, if we start using it now, we can shape our future so we aren’t trying to fix the mess being created now.


This year’s election is a mess and I completely understand abstaining from voting, but the important thing is that people understand what the issues are and how they affect us today and in the future.


Voting is a civic duty, but it doesn’t mean much when you don’t know what you or the candidate you want to vote for, really stands for. Take a look at BBC or NPR every now and then, just try to be more aware of what is happening and how it affects us all in the future.

Jamie Morrissey


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