A Dip into Biotechnology

As many of you know I am very into the future sciences and biotech related plant breeding and I felt it would be very important just to share how fascinating these practices are and how beneficial they can be to the future of agriculture and in general the future of our lives. Did you know that biotechnology in plants saves fuel and machinery usage by eliminating passes in a field?  It also reduces the possibility of water and soil contamination by making environmentally safe chemicals more effective. Some of the biotech crops currently being developed will require less nitrogen fertilizer and less water, and will make plants resistant to cold and drought. This means less resources required for crops and far more environmental benefits. I think it is important for everyone to understand the benefits provided by biotechnology in plants.

It is easy to scare the public with words like “Frankenfood” or “scary GMOs”, but the true scientific story seems to be left behind in favor of attention-grabbing media sound bites. The process of changing plants to incorporate more favorable traits is centuries old, and one modern way of doing this, through biotechnology, is carefully scrutinized by the scientific community as well as government agencies whose jobs are to protect citizens and the environment. Once a biotech plant has been approved, it allows farmers to produce a safe and secure food supply while using far less chemicals, fuel and, someday soon, water.

President Obama recently called on the American citizens to “win the future” through science and technology. Biotech crops are obvious winners, reducing energy and water consumption, reducing environmental impacts and helping us farmers provide a safe and plentiful food supply. Biotechnology is definitely developing to become better than it already is and will be a key player in feeding the growing world population!


In Sisterhood,


Tara Wilson


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