Glass Ceilings and Other Imaginary Things

As a woman heavily involved in and passionate about the agriculture industry, something that I have heard my fair share about is glass ceilings.  Now, for those of you who have no idea what a glass ceiling is, quit reading this- I don’t want you to start thinking about this invisible barrier so many people create for themselves.  For those of you who I have insulted with my last sentence, I am incredibly sorry, but to me, glass ceilings are exactly what I just described- invisible barriers people create for themselves- and to be completely honest, it saddens me that the majority of people who believe in glass ceilings are women who are just starting their professional careers.

I am not disagreeing that there was a time in society when women were not given equal opportunities and were not taken seriously in professional workplaces.  As a whole, women have worked hard to gain respect in their jobs, not only in the agriculture industry, but across all stereotypically “male-dominated” fields.  There was a time when women were only hired for secretarial duties or expected to stay home and take care of the children and house, but that time is long gone. Now, women are dominating numerous industries.  They are making strides in research, communication, marketing, farming, the military, politics…everything!

If you can’t agree that women are serving as industry leaders, then this is my second invitation for you to quit reading, because I am certain that this won’t change your opinions, and there are probably better blog posts for you to be reading right now. If you do agree that women are serving as industry leaders though, I want you to ask yourself how you think those women got there.  How did Temple Grandin become a world renowned animal scientist and behaviorist? How did Alexa Canady become the first woman neurosurgeon? How did Sandra Day O’Connor become the first woman justice of the supreme court? They all achieved those things by believing in themselves, and not seeing any limitations to their success.

Now ask yourself, do you see limitations to your success? Do you believe in glass ceilings that are holding you back simply because you are a woman? I certainly don’t.  The only people who have glass ceilings are the people that believe in them.  So I am challenging you to stop thinking about reasons that you cannot do something, and think about all the reasons you can.  Don’t create obstacles for yourself that aren’t there.  People don’t see a cap to your success unless you show them that you have established one for yourself.

When you set goals for yourself, realize that you have no limits.  If you want to be CEO of a big company, then put forth the time and effort required of an CEO.  Success takes responsibility, work ethic, motivation, determination, and most importantly for you to believe in yourself! Don’t let imaginary restrictions to your success hold you back.

In Sisterhood,

Sydney Bigger


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