Achieving Goals in a Blue Jacket

2971… 89… 7… and… 1… What do all of these numbers mean?  Well these numbers are pretty important to me.  This weekend I received my American FFA Degree in Indianapolis.  It was an emotional experience but I am not the emotional type.  So sorry to disappoint you but this isn’t going to be a sappy post like some you might find on Odyssey.  Let’s cut to the chase!  Starting from the bottom!

Number 1:  I have had one goal since I became an FFA member… Get the highest degree on achievement possible.  This goal of course brought many others with it.  Things like become chapter president, become a section officer, run for state office.  Though I have fallen short in some of these goals, I have kept focus on the big one!


Number 7:  Seven years of hard work and dedication pays off.  So you know when everyone likes to be all motivational and tell you things like “follow your dreams” or “hard work pays off.”  I’ll be honest, I used to brush that off.  But walking on that stage in the Colts Stadium on Saturday morning, sure felt like I could’ve been in a cheesy motivational speech.  Some of you might be thinking, “seven years? That’s longer than usual.”  Well you’re right!  I admit, I am the cheesy FFA member who wanted to wear the blue jacket as long as I possibly can!


Number 89:  The National FFA Convention has been holding a convention for 89 years!  That is pretty incredible! 89 different officer teams, 89 different themes and 89 years of impact. I love sitting in the convention hall and thinking about all the members that came before me.  As an organization we have come so far and I am so excited to see where we will go.  The 100th convention is coming up in Kansas City where it all began. Isn’t that exciting?!


Number 2971:  I was number 2971out of 3470 American Degrees that were to be received this year!  This was such an incredible honor!  I am so proud of each and every American Degree recipient!  It took a lot of persistence, more than I thought I had but I did it.  I did with my best friends beside me and my two advisors pushing me from behind.  Because you know, they never want to be in the light!  Thank you to everyone for supporting me!


In Sisterhood,

Cassie Campbell


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