Branching Out

As a current senior at Kansas State University I always give the advice to younger students to always push beyond your comfort zone. I try to live by this in many aspects of my life because no one has ever gotten anywhere from remaining complacent. This summer I had my first opportunity to really test this theory with an internship in Denver, CO with CoBank.

CoBank is part of the Farm Credit system and is one of the four main funding banks, which fund all of the smaller lending banks within the system. CoBank also funds many large corporations and cooperatives. I had the opportunity this past summer to be the corporate communications intern at CoBank’s headquarters in Denver and the experience was eye opening.

I was able to expand my knowledge of communications and marketing in an environment that was supportive and set me up to be successful while at the same time was fast paced and did not leave a lot of room for error. I was given I wide range of responsibilities from writing to video work and even some web design.

Besides getting to work for a wonderful company, Denver was an experience all on its own. Its population is growing at an extreme rate and the city is becoming busier than ever. There are tons of extracurricular activities for anyone, mountain climbing, sledding on sand dunes and white water rafting just to name a few. It is a great place to spend a summer and an even better place to put yourself out there and learn to live on your own.

Overall I had an unbelievable summer and would certainly recommend their internships to anyone who is interested in my position or in some of the other finance related positions that they offer.

In Sisterhood,

Jackie Newland


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