6 Reasons Dogs are Actually Mans Bestfriend

1. Dogs have your back

Whenever a creepy solicitor or girl scout cookie peddling entrepreneur knocks on your door, your dog will be right there beside you barking at them as you tremble behind a corner, too afraid to answer. I can always judge peoples character based on how Milo reacts to them coming inside of the house. If my dog doesn’t like you odds are I wont either, we read each other that way.

2. Dogs Can Mimic your Emotions

With the stress of classes and being away from home milo helps me a lot to comfort my emotions. Based on the tone of your voice and your body language, your dog will do its darnedest to emulate your current state of mind. When you’re sad, they’ll look at you with big doe eyes. When your angry, the fur will rise on their backs and they’ll start barking and growling at inanimate objects. Whereas humans might not respond to your emotional upswings and downswings in a way that you’d prefer, dogs will always be there whether you’re thrilled, depressed, or anywhere in between.

3. Dogs are actually mini dish washers

Ok, that sounds a little gross, but hear me out. Ever finish dinner and have too little food on your plate to save, but too much that it’d be a hassle to wash it in the sink? Well, here’s where your dog comes in! Just hand the plate over and let them polish it off. They’ll be happy, and you’ll have an easier time doing the dishes! But sometimes milo takes this a little too far and thinks that all dishes full of food are for him and decides to snag them off the table.

4. Dogs are great motivational tools

Dogs prefer being active, at least when they’re younger. Make use of their abundance of energy and take them on walks, or, if you are super ambitious, runs! They’ll be tuckered out and supremely amused, and you’ll be on track to becoming a healthier person! I have made my smart goal to become more active by spending more time with my Milo and walking him every day!

5. Dogs wont allow you to ever eat alone again

If you have a dog you’ll always have company for dinner. Of course, they’ll be sitting by your knee, panting in your face, asking for your food, but it’s company all the same! After you’ve had a dog, it’s difficult to eat without the incessant barking in the background.

6.Dogs Know How to Live

To put it simply, dogs behave like humans who aren’t concerned about the more ridiculous aspects of sentient existence. For example, paying the bills, getting an education, running errands, dealing with annoying people all of the time, etc. All they want to do is wake up, say hi to you, run around, play with their toys, eat, nap, eat again, nap again, say hi again, and sleep. Is that so bad?! Sure, we humans have certain responsibilities thanks to our “intelligence,” but it sure would be nice if we could all go through life like dogs; care free and completely sure of ourselves. At the very least, if you have a dog, you can live vicariously through them. you know what you’re getting into, it’s totally worth it!

Milo was the best thing to ever come into my life for the following reason along with many more. When I first got him I knew it would he would be a lot of work but never realized just how important he would become to me. I can honestly say Milo is my best friend.

In sisterhood,

Tara Wilson


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