Tips to staying organized by keeping a planner this semester

Keep a planner/calendar

Having a place to write down everything you have to do and get done is very helpful. There are also many different ways you can do this. You can go and buy a planner or a calendar from Walmart or target. You could also just grab an old note book and each week write down what you have due or need to get done each day. If you want to do even farther you can print out sheets that have hour intervals and you can plan your day buy the hour.


Now that you have your planner or calendar you have to write in it! What I did this semester was when I got my syllabus the ones that had when homework is due and when test/quizzes are I went through and wrote them down in my calendar. Even thing I have every week like chapter I write in there. Then in the section of the specific days I make a weekly to-do list and write when everything has to be done by.

Color coordinate or label you planner/calendar

I have a different color for each class and event. I also put the abbreviation of the class before I write if it is homework or a test/quiz. I even have a color for school events and then another for Sigma Alpha things.


Now that you have written everything down and have it organized you have to remember to check your planner/calendar. I try to check mine at least every morning before class. It just takes a few seconds when you are getting your books out for class to just pull it out also and look at it so you know what you have to do for the day or the week.

In Sisterhood,

Ashley McKenny


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