What Would Olivia Pope Do?

Often times in college and in life we are hard on ourselves. We spend a lot of time tearing ourselves down and thinking negatively about ourselves while expecting other people to think highly of us. We want to be taken seriously, but hardly ever even take ourselves seriously. It’s easy for us to blame others for making us feel small, when in reality most of the time we are belittling ourselves in some way.

While it is natural to want to be our very best self, punishing ourselves for not being perfect is ridiculous. No one is perfect. It is important to have confidence and high self-esteem so others can see us in a positive light and take us seriously. Sometimes it just takes the motivation from a positive and uplifting role model. When I’m feeling down and realize that I am being way too harsh on myself I think to myself: What would Olivia Pope do?

For those of you who don’t know who Olivia Pope is, she is a character in the hit ABC TV series Scandal. While it may seem a little silly I often times think of her as a role model of sorts. Her character in the TV series is a very dominant, sophisticated, and likable woman. Olivia Pope radiates confidence and always stands her ground. While she isn’t perfect, she takes herself seriously and it gains the respect of everyone around her.

Here are 8 of my all-time favorite Olivia Pope quotes that help me gain confidence and motivation when I am lacking it:

















In Sisterhood,

Darby-Rose Patterson


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