Illinois Proud

Close your eyes. Now, what is the first thing that comes to mind when I say, Illinois? Chicago? Corruption? Abraham Lincoln? Well, when I think of Illinois, I think of home… And no, I’m not from Chicago! You see, I moved away from home because I was tired of the corruption and Chicago’s power and corn! I moved to Kansas to get closer to the beef industry. An industry that I didn’t think was very big in Illinois. I also moved to get a degree in Agriculture Education. In my opinion, Kansas State University offered the best program. I moved with great intentions and dreams.

Moving to Kansas didn’t turn out to be exactly what I thought. It was hard. It was disappointing. It was exhausting. You know how everyone preaches to you about trusting God and being patient to see what he has in store for you. Well, those people are right! They really know what they are talking about! Kansas has gotten much better! I made friends, joined clubs and became active. There are still plenty of hard times but I’m happy!

Upon moving to Kansas, I never had any intentions of going back to the corruption of Illinois. I didn’t want any part of it. These last few months have really got me thinking though. Maybe I do want to go back to my home state… It is home. I have a family farm that I am very passionate about and Illinois is a huge agriculture state. I bet agriculture didn’t come to mind when your eyes were closed!

Agriculture is the number one industry in the Land of Lincoln. Here are a few reasons why I am proud of where I come from:

  1. John Deere lived here! We all know his great contribution to the ag industry was the steel plow. We have a historic site, museum and of course we make John Deere products!


  1. Illinois has the Chicago Cubs! We finally won a World Series!  Yes, I believe in ‘The Curse’


  1. Where’s the headquarters for Caterpillar, you ask? Why it’s in Peoria, Illinois!




  1. We have an amazing Illinois Association FFA!  I maybe a little biased since my brother is serving as the president this year, but we have nearly 20,000 members!


Pictured left to right: Mindy Bulsulmeyer, Paxton Moruse (V.P.), Cody Suddeth (Secretary), Corrine (Treasurer), Zach Baker (Reporter) and J.C. Campbell (President)

  1. Illinois is known as the Land of Lincoln. We have awesome museums and educational facilities available to the public to learn about Honest Abe.  Lincoln made such an impact on our great country and we are honored to claim him!




So come check Illinois out!  We’re not as bad as you’d think!


In Sisterhood,

Cassie Campbell


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