Sometimes it is ok to say “No”

There is nobody that understands the word “busy” like college students. Trying to fit class, work, club meetings, homework, social time, and working out (plus or minus a few activities) into one day is not easy! It takes good time management, perseverance, and a lot of coffee!

Even people that have the best time management skills get tired every now and then. So why as college kids do we do this to ourselves? I believe there are several reasons:

1. FOMO a.k.a Fear Of Missing Out – Everyone wants their 3-9 years of college to be great. That doesn’t seem likely if you spend all your time at home.

2. “It will look great on your resume!” – Professors have figured out that this phrase is a great bribing tactic to use on any students who want to find jobs after they graduate.

3. Saying “no” seems rude – Your friend just said you should apply to be an officer with them in the Aggieville Club (No such thing exists – but we can dream) because it will be fun! How do you kindly say no to that? It’s hard.

For people that have a hard time saying no just remember that it is better to do a few jobs extremely well instead of putting minimal effort into a lot of jobs just to get them done. Figure out what you have a passion for and leave the everything else behind. Do the things that you love to the best of your ability and the rest will fall into place.

Quality; not Quantity.

In Sisterhood,

Clara Cross


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