How College Has Made Me A Better Person

For some students, going to college is a scary moment in their lives. For others, they are going with classmates and best friends so it’s not as scary a transition. I decided to go to an out of state college with no other classmate. In high school, I was a very shy person and didn’t venture far from my small friend group. Kansas State is a very big university when you don’t know anybody that’s already here, but my heart was set on attending this school. Being at K-State has forced me to go outside my comfort zone, but I feel like I have become a better person because of that.

Being in college with no friends is not any fun, so I had to talk to new people, make new friends. Since I’m a shy person, it was not easy starting small talk with people I didn’t know. Those first classes of the semester really put me out of my comfort zone. Since coming to college though, my confidence has grown and I am now much more comfortable talking to strangers. On an almost daily basis I talk to new people. My comfort zone was not only stretched by talking to new people, but going to new places by myself. Coming to a new town meant learning where everything was located. Walmart runs by myself was a new experience for me. When you are from a small town like me, Walmart runs are always done as a family when you get to go to the city. Doing these types of things on my own was very different.

Living in the residence halls is certainly a college experience that everyone should experience for at least one year. There are three girls that I met on my floor and without these girls, I don’t think I would have made it through my first semester of college. They just don’t get me out of my room; they show me how to live life and they have taught me that I am a strong young woman who is growing more confident. They have shown me a new way of life, and with their encouragement, I am growing closer to God and becoming a better person. They are always there for me whenever I’m struggling to remind me that there’s more to life than just school. There’s family, friends, and our relationship with God. They show me every day that they love me and that it is possible to forgive me and all the dumb things I say and do. They are role models for me and I strive to be a good person for them and my family.

College certainly has its challenges. Balancing academics and social time is tough. I need to do well in school, but if I focus strictly just on academics, I wouldn’t find much joy in life. I experienced my first challenging class in Chemistry 1. I struggled with it and didn’t get the grade I wanted. With the disappointing grade, I felt that I had let my parents down and like they were upset with me. The feeling of never being able to do anything right took over me. This brought me to a low spot in my life and things seemed to spiral downwards pretty fast. Dealing with this hard situation though taught me that I can persevere through whatever I’m dealing with, as long as I remember I have friends to help me. Without them and my faith in God, who knows what would have happened to me.

Going to college has taught me how to begin to be an adult and how to function by myself. I have learned much more than just class material. I have learned that I can be confident and independent when I never would have used those words to describe myself a year ago. I have learned that friendships can grow strong, especially in a short time. I have learned that it doesn’t matter how far some of my friends or family are, the distance won’t keep us apart or dull our love for each other. So many life lessons, and I’m still only in my freshmen year. I know I will still have to face many challenges, but I’m sure I will become a better person for struggling through them.

In Sisterhood,

Megan Owens


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