How to Survive after Spring Break

Let’s be real. The weeks after Spring break are the hardest of the semester. I would even argue that they are the hardest of the year. The weather is warming up which makes being outside so much more appealing than sitting in class or studying for hours each day. Even those who plan on working the long summer days away, can’t help but be excited about a three-month break. However, the last weeks of classes are often the most important.

Here are five ways to make the last six weeks a little easier to get through:

1. Go to class.

It is so tempting to miss classes as time passes. The easiest way to pass a class is to sit in the class listening to the professor. Be an active learner. Print the notes so that you won’t be tempted to surf the web while on your laptop. Put your phone away and focus. Often, it will reduce the amount of time you will have to study later.

2. Use post-it notes.

If you are anything like me, a planner only works for so long. I barely look at mine every other day, and I haven’t written anything down since the first assignment for Horse Science. Instead, I use post-it notes to put around my room (including one that reminds me check for my keys before I leave) so that I don’t have to open anything. All the information is right there in front of me.

3. Set aside time for ONLY school work.

I know how appealing it is to work on that online quiz with the phone sitting beside me and a rerun of my favorite show playing in the background. Actually, I do that all the time. It takes me anywhere from 2-3 times as long to do my work with so many distractions. Instead, I make time each Monday to do any assignments that are open, or at least write down the assignments due for that week. This way I can make sure that I know what is going on, and I can spend less time on each individual assignment.

4. Do assignments early.

The “pro” in procrastination could only have been put there by me. But, as above, I try to set aside time each week so that I won’t have to rush a project and sacrifice my grade. Trust me. Life is better when you get things done early.

5. Take a Break!

Seriously, college kids are busy. Most of the time we try to balance work, school, social time, and extracurricular activities and refuse to say “no”. Taking a few minutes each week to watch Netflix or read a book can be incredibly helpful to restore your concentration. Just don’t spend all of your time on break.

In sisterhood,

 Taylor Gourley


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