Life Lesson for the End of the Year

Like many of us, I went to a small school where if you did one activity you did them all. My days were filled with club meetings, FFA events, and practices for volleyball and basketball. Basketball, however, was not my forte, and after playing all through junior high and my freshman year of high school I decided it was time to hang up my Nikes and just support my friends on the sidelines. However, the coaches I had throughout basketball taught me more than just how to shoot an awesome layup, and unlike my layup, I still use the lessons they taught me.

One day during practice we were running through our skills work, when Coach Jones, (a.k.a. my reading teacher, my best friend’s mom, and the high school girls’ basketball coach’s wife), really started to lay in to us for doing something wrong. I can remember her looking at all of us standing around her and telling us, “The day I, or any other coach, stops yelling at you is the day we have given up on you.” Of course, she, and every other coach I’ve had, never stopped yelling. They continued to push us to be our best, not only on the court, but in the classroom, in our clubs, with our families, and in every other aspect of our lives.

As we get closer to the end of the year, we may begin to get frustrated with our grades and all the tests and projects piling up, and we begin thinking that we should just give up – the year is almost over, it really can’t affect our grades that much. So here is where I ask you to keep yelling at yourself, keep pushing yourself to finish strong and put another W in your record book. And if you feel like you can’t yell anymore find someone who will yell for you, or with you, or even at you.

In Sisterhood,

Olivia Harrison


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