My first year as an Ag student

I grew up in a city that didn’t place much importance on agriculture. Because of where I’m from, I was never involved in FFA or 4H. Before coming to K-State, I only had the stereotypical picture of agriculture in my head: a farmer on a tractor, in the middle of a field with a red barn behind him. However, I ended up here, at K-State in the College of Agriculture pursuing a degree in food science.
I was intimidated as soon as I heard that the Food Science Institute was part of the College of Ag. I had no idea what to expect going into my first semester. I was reading through my syllabi before classes started in the Fall and one thing stuck with me. One of my professors included a short paragraph about common courtesy toward other students. He mentioned that students who worked in the feedlots or with animals before class should make sure that they have clean clothes on so the scents do not distract other students. He also explained that hats were not to be worn in his class, again, to not distract students. This is the first memory I have of my freshman year, and the only thought I had at the time was “What have I gotten myself into?”
As the year has gone on, I’ve found myself growing into my new community and becoming more comfortable with the idea of being part of something that I didn’t know much about. I joined a few different clubs and organizations to try to further my understanding and involvement in the Ag community that I am going to be part of for the next few years. By joining the Sigma Alpha sisterhood, I have grown in way that I never imagined possible. I have been happily surprised by the acceptance and caring the agricultural community consistently shows, and I’m so blessed to now be part of it. I’m so excited to see how else I can grow within this community and how I can encourage others to do the same.
In Sisterhood,
Emma Claybrook

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