Small Town Roots

Growing up in a small farming community, in the middle of nowhere southwest Kansas, some may see as unfortunate. Most kids cannot wait to graduate, move away and never come back. I too had those thoughts growing up; however, looking back now I realize how fortunate I was to grow up in a town where everyone knew your name and truly cared about you. Sometimes people care so much about you they know gossip about you before you even know (I’m sure anyone from a small town can relate to that). I might have lived an hour and fifteen minutes from a Wal-Mart and other shopping stores and I never had the luxury of having fast food or a movie theater in my town, but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Being able to sit outside my house and listen to our rooster’s crow or watch our goat’s graze without hearing sirens is what I miss most about my little ole town. The only noise we had to worry about was the train hauling grain rolling through. It truly was a blessing to live in the middle of nowhere and be able to look out your window and see the town that is 20 miles away. It brings you a peaceful feeling. I know I definitely took my time growing up in my small town for granted, but I sure am proud of where I came from!

In Sisterhood,

Carlee Overturf


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