Meet the Iota Class!

Natalie Laubner

Mandan, North Dakota


I am a senior majoring in Animal Science and Industry. I am a native of North Dakota where I grew up on a diversified livestock and crop operation. We currently milk 80 Holstein cows, raise 430 Simm/Angus cows and plant numerous acres of small grains. It’s a never ending operation but I am proud to be the next generation in agriculture! While at K-State, I try to remain as active as possible within the organizations that I’m in like Block and Bridle, Collegiate Cattlewomen, Ag Council, while yet remaining active in state organizations at home.  I will graduate in May of 2013 where I will return back to North Dakota to pursue a full-time job while transitioning back to the family farm. I also will be taking on a new chapter in my life, marrying my best friend in August and beginning life as young agriculturists and ranchers. Eventually, I would like to fully take over the family farm to raise my children within the livestock industry to secure and protect my way of life that has been in my family for generations.

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