Meet the Transfer Sigma’s!

These special ladies have transferred from other Universities to Kansas State and with their credits they also brought along experiences from their previous Sigma Alpha chapters and have been great additions to ours!

Jessica transferred to our chapter in 2013 from the Sigma Alpha chapter from Northwest Missouri State University.

Jessica Lehman

Peculiar, Missouri


Hello, my name is Jessica Lehman from Peculiar, Missouri. I come from a back ground of outdoor living and enjoying the natural resources. I have shown dogs and competitively hunted with black and tan coonhounds since I was 5. My experience with animals lead me to major in something I love. I am an Animal Sciences and industry Major with a Pre – Vet option here at Kansas State University. I plan to graduate with my bachelors in sciences and receive the beef cattle and herd management certificate in May of 2015. I hope to then attend Kansas States School of Veterinary Medicine to receive my DVM and then practice food animal medicine. Although K- State is where I call home now I am a transfer student from Northwest Missouri State University. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to transfer to K-State not only for educational reasons but also to build a relationships with my new sisters in the Alpha Omega chapter of Sigma Alpha.

Emily transferred to our chapter in 2012 from the Alpha Upsilon  chapter of Sigma Alpha at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. Emily was in the Rho class in her previous chapter.

Emily Kasper

Kansas City, KS


My name is Emily Kasper and I am currently a senior majoring in Animal Science Industry and Production option. I will be graduating in December of 2015.

I did not grow up on a farm but actually came the from the city, Kansas City to be exact. I grew up riding horses where I found my love for agriculture and it continues today as well. I am also involved in Rodeo Club and am the campus representative for Sigma Alpha as well. Some of my hobbies include riding horses, cooking or baking, hanging out with my friends and many others. I hope to always be working in agriculture my whole life as it is the backbone.

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