Bake Club Benefits


Bakery Science Club members with Royals commentator Rex Hudler

Upon walking into Shellenberger Hall on any random Tuesday night you are met with the sugary, vanilla scent of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Continue down the hallway and turn right at the end, and you will see a busy bunch of bakers weighing out flour, sugar, baking soda, and salt. Others will be scooping cookies, loading trays into the oven, or carefully placing the fresh-baked products into bags. Later in the evening, all the club members line the hallway to eat dinner together and catch up on each other’s lives while the President of the club gives announcements.


Officers in Las Vegas at the International Baking Industry Exposition!


Although club attendance is not a requirement of the Bakery Science major, it is beneficial to become a member, in my opinion. I’ve made some of my best friends in college through bake club, and learned many practical baking skills that were mentioned in classes, or not discussed at all. Besides, who doesn’t like being around hundreds of cookies and cakes and loaves of bread? (Non-bakery science students are always welcome! 3 of our officers this year, including the president, are not bakery science majors.)


Also, bake club members have the opportunity to travel to the annual BakingTech conference in Chicago every February. Expenses are paid for by 80 hours of club time per member attending! In Chicago, students have the opportunity to attend educational seminars, network with baking professionals, interview and make connections for internship and job opportunities, and explore the Windy City. Students visited Kendall College in 2016 and were taught to plate fancy desserts and learned more about product development and baking from a pastry chef’s perspective. The year before, we visited Newly Weds Foods, a producer of English muffins, bread crumbs, and their historically famous ice cream roll.


I know many freshman students decide not to attend the BakingTech conference because they either are worried about not getting enough hours, not knowing many friends to travel with, or are nervous about the trade floor or networking with industry members. I felt that way too. However, I’m glad I did go, and I would encourage any members (of any club) to attend events like this. Going to Chicago freshman year helped me better understand the purpose of my major, the job positions available to me, and strengthened my new friendships with other bake club members. So, if you are on the fence about attending a conference or large event for your major, I would encourage you to take the bull by the horns and go! It will provide you many benefits that may not be immediately available. And, if all else fails, you will still come back with some nice free pens and other giveaways, like hats, mugs, and aprons.


In conclusion, club attendance and going to large events sponsored by said clubs is critical to realizing your full potential as an undergraduate. You will have the opportunity to learn from fellow students, industry professionals, and to build stronger relationships with your professors. You will learn practical skills relevant to the industry and strengthen them over the 4 or so years of college life. And if anyone reading wants to come check out the Bakery Science Club, our doors are always open!

In Sisterhood,

Chloe Shearon

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How to Survive after Spring Break

Let’s be real. The weeks after Spring break are the hardest of the semester. I would even argue that they are the hardest of the year. The weather is warming up which makes being outside so much more appealing than sitting in class or studying for hours each day. Even those who plan on working the long summer days away, can’t help but be excited about a three-month break. However, the last weeks of classes are often the most important.

Here are five ways to make the last six weeks a little easier to get through:

1. Go to class.

It is so tempting to miss classes as time passes. The easiest way to pass a class is to sit in the class listening to the professor. Be an active learner. Print the notes so that you won’t be tempted to surf the web while on your laptop. Put your phone away and focus. Often, it will reduce the amount of time you will have to study later.

2. Use post-it notes.

If you are anything like me, a planner only works for so long. I barely look at mine every other day, and I haven’t written anything down since the first assignment for Horse Science. Instead, I use post-it notes to put around my room (including one that reminds me check for my keys before I leave) so that I don’t have to open anything. All the information is right there in front of me.

3. Set aside time for ONLY school work.

I know how appealing it is to work on that online quiz with the phone sitting beside me and a rerun of my favorite show playing in the background. Actually, I do that all the time. It takes me anywhere from 2-3 times as long to do my work with so many distractions. Instead, I make time each Monday to do any assignments that are open, or at least write down the assignments due for that week. This way I can make sure that I know what is going on, and I can spend less time on each individual assignment.

4. Do assignments early.

The “pro” in procrastination could only have been put there by me. But, as above, I try to set aside time each week so that I won’t have to rush a project and sacrifice my grade. Trust me. Life is better when you get things done early.

5. Take a Break!

Seriously, college kids are busy. Most of the time we try to balance work, school, social time, and extracurricular activities and refuse to say “no”. Taking a few minutes each week to watch Netflix or read a book can be incredibly helpful to restore your concentration. Just don’t spend all of your time on break.

In sisterhood,

 Taylor Gourley

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Wildlife Support

As many of you know the last couple of weeks have been difficult on the plains of the Midwest. Wildfires have burned the countryside of Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. But through the difficulty of losing livestock, pastures, hay, homes, out buildings and love ones we have all come together as a community to push forward. Thousands of people have been affected but hundreds of thousands of people from all over the United States have rallied together to help out those in the ag community during this time of need. Groups of people all over have done what they can to donate to the cause. Including asking their communities to donate by setting up a donation table at local farm stores; crowdfunding; donating time to go and re-build; getting stores to donate food and water to help feed all the extra volunteers; donating fencing supplies;  donating hay, silage and trucks/trailers to be trucked to the areas effected and even donating livestock from their own herds.

Since driving on the highways over spring break I have seen first-hand several trucks loaded with hay that are headed south to drop off the donated hay and feed stuffs. It fills my heart with so much joy to see everyone coming together in a time of need, to help complete strangers that share the same passion…agriculture. There have also been several fellow K-Stater’s that have given up their weekends and spring break to go down and lend a hand wherever needed.  Along with that we, the sisters of Sigma Alpha, have put together a t-shirt campaign that has raised over $20,000 and sold more than 1500 shirts in which all the proceeds will go to help the victims. The Fort Hays chapter along with a couple other chapters have set up places to drop off donations that will be trucked to the affected areas. Students that left Manhattan and went home over spring break have offered to load up their vehicles with donations from their local communities to drive back. They have worked with others to then get the materials trucked further south to those that need it. This outpouring of supports from the K-State family and those passionate about agriculture nationwide has been amazing and I know the fire victims greatly appreciate it.

From death and hardship comes new light and a new beginning. And thus, it is time to rebuild and become better by doing better than we ever were before. So, I’ll end with this quote from Matthew 4:16 “the people who sit in darkness have seen a great light, on those dwelling in the land overshadowed by death light has arisen.”

In Sisterhood,

Ashlea Baalmann

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Dear Younger Sister,

Dear Younger Sister(s),

Being the oldest in a family of 3 girls, I always wished I had an older sibling to be able to help me through new situations and always be there to give me advice. Instead, I was the guinea pig for my parents on everything from how to deal with curfews to going through the college decision making process. Through my years I have learned a few key lessons that I feel are some of the most important and what I wish I knew before going to school. So to my sisters and really anyone else, here are a few key pieces of advice to take into consideration in college and in life in general.

1. Never lose your faith

When coming to college, this was one of the first and biggest lessons I learned. My faith was a huge part of my life back home and something that very much shaped me into the person I am today. By keeping my faith through college, especially the first few months where everything was changing, I was able to keep that part of my life consistent and I knew I could always go to God whenever I was feeling homesick, beaten down, or even when something amazing was happening. God will always be on your side and by knowing that, I know you can get through anything.

2. Don’t be afraid to be weird

I know that in middle school and high school all you want to do is fit in. I’m telling you now that it’s not all it cracks up to be. Don’t be afraid to be weird, different or break a norm because you think you will be judged. I promise that if anyone judges you for being yourself, they aren’t worth your time. Make sure that you are making it more of a point to make yourself happy, rather than trying to just fit in, fitting in is boring anyways.

3. Don’t let your life revolve around boys

I know this is very cliché and in school one of the biggest things to talk and think about is boys, however, don’t let that been the only thing you think about. There’s so much more to life than what boy you have a crush on or who likes who. On the same point make sure you’re not wasting all you time on a boy who doesn’t even think twice about you because you are worth so much more than that.

4. Take chances

Never be afraid to try new things or break out of you comfort zone. This is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in college as you are given so many chances to try new things. You may not like everything you try and that is absolutely okay, but I promise if you don’t, you might live with regret. Whether that be trying something small like a new food dish or deciding to go to Arizona with your best friends, don’t be afraid to say yes and try new experiences because college is the best time to do this.

5. Call home every chance you get

Finally, one of the most important things is to remember your family even while your crazy busy at school. A call home can mean so much to your family and even if it’s a short 2 minute chat on your way to class. That little call will go so far and will leave you and your family feeling happy.

I could go on with many more little pieces of advice, but for now I feel as though these 5 are enough. Keep these in mind as you head into your college years and life in general.

In sisterhood,


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The Importance of Loving Yourself in College

As I sit on the beach on spring break, I reflect on my undergraduate career and the things I have learned, academically and otherwise. Through the ups and downs, opportunities and setbacks, the most important thing I have learned is to love myself.

The first time I remember truly loving who I am was when I spent a semester in Ireland. I was finally able to feel a sense of calm that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I became more confident in who I was as a person, confident in the person I was becoming and, most importantly, confident in my faith.

When life happens or I am feeling overwhelmed with school work, I look back at that time and that feeling and it gives me the motivation to keep going because I know I can overcome any obstacle God puts in my path. That self-love has kept me sane in times when I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have it.

College can be extremely stressful, making it difficult to maintain mental and physical health, but it is so important to take care of yourself. Take a step back and do something relaxing or fun for yourself sometimes. School should always be a priority but so should your wellbeing and that is not always emphasized in college. It sounds cliché but it is so true, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

I hope you all have the opportunity to relax and give yourself some love over spring break.

In Sisterhood,


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How College Has Made Me A Better Person

For some students, going to college is a scary moment in their lives. For others, they are going with classmates and best friends so it’s not as scary a transition. I decided to go to an out of state college with no other classmate. In high school, I was a very shy person and didn’t venture far from my small friend group. Kansas State is a very big university when you don’t know anybody that’s already here, but my heart was set on attending this school. Being at K-State has forced me to go outside my comfort zone, but I feel like I have become a better person because of that.

Being in college with no friends is not any fun, so I had to talk to new people, make new friends. Since I’m a shy person, it was not easy starting small talk with people I didn’t know. Those first classes of the semester really put me out of my comfort zone. Since coming to college though, my confidence has grown and I am now much more comfortable talking to strangers. On an almost daily basis I talk to new people. My comfort zone was not only stretched by talking to new people, but going to new places by myself. Coming to a new town meant learning where everything was located. Walmart runs by myself was a new experience for me. When you are from a small town like me, Walmart runs are always done as a family when you get to go to the city. Doing these types of things on my own was very different.

Living in the residence halls is certainly a college experience that everyone should experience for at least one year. There are three girls that I met on my floor and without these girls, I don’t think I would have made it through my first semester of college. They just don’t get me out of my room; they show me how to live life and they have taught me that I am a strong young woman who is growing more confident. They have shown me a new way of life, and with their encouragement, I am growing closer to God and becoming a better person. They are always there for me whenever I’m struggling to remind me that there’s more to life than just school. There’s family, friends, and our relationship with God. They show me every day that they love me and that it is possible to forgive me and all the dumb things I say and do. They are role models for me and I strive to be a good person for them and my family.

College certainly has its challenges. Balancing academics and social time is tough. I need to do well in school, but if I focus strictly just on academics, I wouldn’t find much joy in life. I experienced my first challenging class in Chemistry 1. I struggled with it and didn’t get the grade I wanted. With the disappointing grade, I felt that I had let my parents down and like they were upset with me. The feeling of never being able to do anything right took over me. This brought me to a low spot in my life and things seemed to spiral downwards pretty fast. Dealing with this hard situation though taught me that I can persevere through whatever I’m dealing with, as long as I remember I have friends to help me. Without them and my faith in God, who knows what would have happened to me.

Going to college has taught me how to begin to be an adult and how to function by myself. I have learned much more than just class material. I have learned that I can be confident and independent when I never would have used those words to describe myself a year ago. I have learned that friendships can grow strong, especially in a short time. I have learned that it doesn’t matter how far some of my friends or family are, the distance won’t keep us apart or dull our love for each other. So many life lessons, and I’m still only in my freshmen year. I know I will still have to face many challenges, but I’m sure I will become a better person for struggling through them.

In Sisterhood,

Megan Owens

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Plans Change

If you would have asked me when I graduated high school what my plans for college were, I would have told you I was going to Kansas State University, would graduate with my bachelor’s degree in three years, and then immediately start vet school. Upon completion of vet school, I would have said I am coming home to work in private practice and run cows with my family.

If you would have asked me 8 months ago what my plans were, my answer would have been the same.

However, if you were going to ask me today about my future plans, you may be surprised to hear that everything has changed. I have decided to take a year off after graduation and start vet school in the fall of 2018. I am not entirely sure where I want to be when I finish vet school. And that is completely ok.

You don’t have to have all of your life planned out the day you turn 18, and you are allowed to change your mind. In the course of college, you will meet people, build your network, and discover opportunities you never even imagined would exist for you. You will take classes that you love, and classes that you hate. You may have an awakening where you question what exactly you are supposed to do with your life. And that is all completely normal.

Don’t wish your college years away because you feel like you have to graduate early, get that job, build your career, and be successful. Take in every good and bad decision you make, every night you stayed in studying (and every night you should have), and all your successes and failures. College is a time to learn, yes about your chosen major, but also about yourself. You may be surprised to learn that the day you graduate from college, you are not exactly the same person you were when you graduated from high school. You have four years of making your own decisions, having unique experiences, and making new friends under your belt.

You change, and your plans change. Don’t stress over the change, embrace it.

In Sisterhood,

Sidney Bigger

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Sometimes it is ok to say “No”

There is nobody that understands the word “busy” like college students. Trying to fit class, work, club meetings, homework, social time, and working out (plus or minus a few activities) into one day is not easy! It takes good time management, perseverance, and a lot of coffee!

Even people that have the best time management skills get tired every now and then. So why as college kids do we do this to ourselves? I believe there are several reasons:

1. FOMO a.k.a Fear Of Missing Out – Everyone wants their 3-9 years of college to be great. That doesn’t seem likely if you spend all your time at home.

2. “It will look great on your resume!” – Professors have figured out that this phrase is a great bribing tactic to use on any students who want to find jobs after they graduate.

3. Saying “no” seems rude – Your friend just said you should apply to be an officer with them in the Aggieville Club (No such thing exists – but we can dream) because it will be fun! How do you kindly say no to that? It’s hard.

For people that have a hard time saying no just remember that it is better to do a few jobs extremely well instead of putting minimal effort into a lot of jobs just to get them done. Figure out what you have a passion for and leave the everything else behind. Do the things that you love to the best of your ability and the rest will fall into place.

Quality; not Quantity.

In Sisterhood,

Clara Cross

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Day by Day

Many of you wake up every morning to apply a mask before starting your day. This mask can be a result of trying to hide the fact you got four hours of sleep or just wanting to add a little expression to your life. I personally have never been a fan of anything that wasn’t natural. I have worn make-up twice in my lifetime. Both times were for prom where I was forced to look like a “lady” for the day. I was asked to put on a dress that cost the same as an hour of tuition, wear high heels that would come off as soon as you walk in the door, and apply a mask that was anything but natural.

I put up with this because I thought it was “normal.” I thought everyone would laugh at me if I wasn’t normal. All of my friends knew that I was uncomfortable the entire day. I felt that people were complementing my mask, not the real me. My friends were smarter than I was. They wore their cowboy boots, converses, and gladiator sandals. They challenged the “lady” stereotype instead of conforming to it.

I am sure there has been a time where you conformed to a label because you thought that was right. Your situation could’ve been the opposite of mine. You might like to dress up in dresses and heels, but because you are a woman in agriculture, you thought you needed to be more “tomboy.” Either way you are changing who you are to please those around you or the label that you’ve been categorized in.

I challenge you to reflect on moments where you were stereotyped and how you felt about it. Did you conform to the situation or did you challenge it? Has there been a time where you might have stereotyped someone without really even thinking about it? These are all questions that need to be asked in order to move forward a challenge stereotypes. If you see someone questioning whether they should change because of the people around them, talk to them. Help them see that they are perfect the way they are.

I encourage you to challenge your stereotypes, erase those labels, and be the best you, you can be. Help those around you realize they are perfect in every way. If everyone took a few minutes out of their day to spread some kindness, we can make everyone feel their worth no matter their race, skin color, or the clothes they wear. Just remember that you can be a part of the solution instead of conforming to labels. Day by day, we can break stereotypes and labels together.

In Sisterhood,

Bryn Swearingen

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Illinois Proud

Close your eyes. Now, what is the first thing that comes to mind when I say, Illinois? Chicago? Corruption? Abraham Lincoln? Well, when I think of Illinois, I think of home… And no, I’m not from Chicago! You see, I moved away from home because I was tired of the corruption and Chicago’s power and corn! I moved to Kansas to get closer to the beef industry. An industry that I didn’t think was very big in Illinois. I also moved to get a degree in Agriculture Education. In my opinion, Kansas State University offered the best program. I moved with great intentions and dreams.

Moving to Kansas didn’t turn out to be exactly what I thought. It was hard. It was disappointing. It was exhausting. You know how everyone preaches to you about trusting God and being patient to see what he has in store for you. Well, those people are right! They really know what they are talking about! Kansas has gotten much better! I made friends, joined clubs and became active. There are still plenty of hard times but I’m happy!

Upon moving to Kansas, I never had any intentions of going back to the corruption of Illinois. I didn’t want any part of it. These last few months have really got me thinking though. Maybe I do want to go back to my home state… It is home. I have a family farm that I am very passionate about and Illinois is a huge agriculture state. I bet agriculture didn’t come to mind when your eyes were closed!

Agriculture is the number one industry in the Land of Lincoln. Here are a few reasons why I am proud of where I come from:

  1. John Deere lived here! We all know his great contribution to the ag industry was the steel plow. We have a historic site, museum and of course we make John Deere products!


  1. Illinois has the Chicago Cubs! We finally won a World Series!  Yes, I believe in ‘The Curse’


  1. Where’s the headquarters for Caterpillar, you ask? Why it’s in Peoria, Illinois!




  1. We have an amazing Illinois Association FFA!  I maybe a little biased since my brother is serving as the president this year, but we have nearly 20,000 members!


Pictured left to right: Mindy Bulsulmeyer, Paxton Moruse (V.P.), Cody Suddeth (Secretary), Corrine (Treasurer), Zach Baker (Reporter) and J.C. Campbell (President)

  1. Illinois is known as the Land of Lincoln. We have awesome museums and educational facilities available to the public to learn about Honest Abe.  Lincoln made such an impact on our great country and we are honored to claim him!




So come check Illinois out!  We’re not as bad as you’d think!


In Sisterhood,

Cassie Campbell

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