Thank you for your interest in Sigma Alpha!

Our recruitment process takes place within the first month of school. Recruitment events are offered throughout the week with a set minimum attendance requirement. Events can be anything from barbecues to movie nights. All recruitment events are on campus, or transportation is provided. These events are very relaxed; our main goal is for you to get to know us, and to find out if Sigma Alpha is a place to call home!

On the following Sunday, the chapter will host interviews for the prospective women. That night, bids will be placed towards women we feel would be a good fit for our sorority. See below for some frequently asked questions. See calendar for specific dates.

If you are interested in receiving more information or would like to set up a coffee date with one of our members, please contact our recruitment chair, Natalie Dick, at or our chapter president, Topanga McBride, at


How much of a time commitment is Sigma Alpha?

As a membership candidate, you are required to participate in one weekly meeting scheduled by your fellow membership candidates. You will take weekly quizzes on our history and a cumulative final. Additionally, you will participate in Big/Little, service projects, an agriculture presentation, a sisterhood retreat, and any additional events as prepared by the New Member Educator. As an active, weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM are required, as well as additional events throughout the semester. We also have fundraising, philanthropy and other requirements to be an active member.

What do I have to do to be considered?

In order to be considered for membership candidacy, you must meet the minimum GPA requirement, and be an agriculture major or show a passion for agriculture. You must also attend three events of recruitment events, although all nights are encouraged, one including Sunday Interviews.

How much are membership dues?

Membership dues vary every year. However, new member dues usually are around $100 to $150 and returning members are under $100.

Do y’all do formal or informal recruitment?

In the fall, our recruitment is informal. We do not participate in formal recruitment which happens the week before school starts. We do not have certain dress requirements, letters of recommendations, or rounds. Our recruitment consists mainly of our members getting to know potential new members with different activities and presentations.

What should I wear?

All nights of recruitment are dressy casual, such as nice jeans and an appropriate top. Interviews, however, are professional dress. Below are examples of professional dress.

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