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What I Learned During my Freshman Year at K-State

Like many college freshman, college was a whole new territory for me. In high school, I graduated at the top of my class, knew everyone in my school, and never really had to spend time outside of school studying; however, college is the exact opposite for me. College definitely took some time to get used to and find my place among the 24,000 other students. Below are the top 5 things I learned during my freshman year at K-State.

It’s okay to not know anyone the first day!

When I first moved into my dorm room at the beginning of the fall semester, I knew very few people at K-State. Of course I knew of some people through FFA and the few kids from my high school that attend here, but as far as close friends, I had none. College is a completely new chapter in my life, a new start. It’s exciting to be able to start over and create a whole new path for yourself. So many new friends to be made. While in college, I was able to find friends that were interested in the same things I was and find my lifelong friends.

Try new things!

College is a time to branch out and try things you never thought of or had the chance to do back home. Don’t be afraid to go and sign up for that club or take that class that is outside your comfort zone. You never know what you might learn, and who knows you might end up loving it. For me, joining Sigma Alpha was something that I’d never thought I’d join. Because I decided to branch out and try something new, I have had so many great opportunities and met so many great women in the agricultural field.

Don’t bring all your clothes!

As much as I wanted to bring every article of clothing and every pair of shoes, my small dorm room wouldn’t allow it. When I moved into my dorm room in the fall, I brought way too much stuff. The dorm rooms are small, but when you over pack and bring to much stuff, you room seems even smaller. I promise you can live without the sandals that you haven’t worn since two summers ago.

Your GPA doesn’t depict your future!

All through high school I easily got straight As, but that’s not as easy to do in college. Don’t let grades define your self-worth. Of course we all want a 4.0, but it’s okay if we don’t achieve that goal. There are going to be some classes where you struggle a little more and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get an A. Your experiences, study abroad, internships, and connections made is what is really going to make you stand out to an employer, not just the high GPA.

Have fun!

Everyone says the college years are some of the best years of your life, and I truly believe that. This is where you make life long memories and friendships. You get to explore things you never knew existed and finally become the person you want to be when you grow up. Don’t just spend your days away studying for every class, set time aside to have fun and make those lasting memories, because on day you’ll graduate and your college years will be over.

In Sisterhood,

Mallory Meek

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Tips on How to be Organized in College (From the Most Overly-Excessive Organized College Student)

Be Prepared.

I know some people suggest waiting to get textbooks until the first week of classes. That the professor for that class will tell you if you actually need it or not. At least at Kansas State, if it says you need the textbook, you probably need the textbook. Unless the textbook is crazy expensive, or you’ve talked to a friend who has already taken the class, get the textbook wayyyy in advance. What I do is order from Amazon.com, and pick the cheapest one. It usually takes a month of so to get here, but its super cheap. (i.e. I got a $50 textbook for $8; totally worth it. I attached screen shots of the book I got for cheap. Now, it’s too close to the school starting that you can’t get it for that cheap!)

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 12.18.30 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-04 at 12.18.53 PM.png

Also, when you do get your textbook, read the first chapter, or even the first few pages. Make sure this class isn’t going to be way over your head. If you can’t even understand the first few pages, maybe you need to set up a tutor, or do a little pre-studying before the class starts. It may sound like it’s a little much, but it keeps the stress down for me knowing I’m not going to be overloaded with a bunch of material that sounds like French to me.

Keep your classes separated.

Whether you hand write your notes or type them, keep all your classes separated. It makes me cringe when I see someone use one notebook for all classes. I use OneNote from Microsoft Office to take notes. This has tons of awesome features! You can record a lecture in class as you take notes. When you go back to listen to the lecture, it will follow along with the notes you were typing during that time in the lecture. You can also share these notes with other people in the class. (There is an option to allow editing or read only) In most of my classes, the teacher asks a student to send notes to a student who is disabled or has trouble taking notes during class. I can just allow them to see the notebook and BAM. They have my updated notes for the rest of the year.

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-11-45-27-am            You can separated your classes into different “notebooks.” I make a notebook a different class, or even clubs, to make it easy to find what I need.


You can also have different sections. I use this for before midterm and after midterm. You can separate these into tons of different things, but this is what works for me. The sections are the tabs at the top of the document. Finally, you can make different pages. These are on the right side of the screen. I use these for different lecture topics or chapters of a textbook. Below I have inserted a screen shot of a page of my notes. (I green highlight anything my professor hints will be on the test.)screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-11-44-16-am

Plan to do assignments and papers.

A big problem most students have with getting assignments done on time is they only write that assignment on the due date in their calendar. If you know you have free time during days before the assignment is due, write that assignment down! That way when you look at that day, you can be reminded to at least start that assignment or paper.

Put yourself in an environment where you like to get stuff done!

If you get distracted easily at home, don’t study at home. I like to go to coffee shops; I can focus, I have a constant source of food or drinks, no one (usually) talks to me, and I am energized by well tasting coffee. (Shout out to Arrow Coffee Co.)

Have “Get Yourself Together” days.

Okay, this is something I completely made up for myself, but it works for me. If I know I have nothing to do on a certain day, (Say after church on Sunday) I have a “get myself together” day. Basically, from the time I can start, I don’t watch Netflix, I don’t nap, I don’t lay in my bed on Pinterest, I do things that are going to help me out for that week. I do laundry, dishes, make my bed, write things in my planner, take out the trash, run errands, pay bills, go grocery shopping… ya know, adult stuff. Usually, once I get a couple things done, I get on a roll. I then want to do more and more stuff. The best part is when you come home from errands and the house is clean, there are clean dishes and clean clothes and you get a refreshing feeling.

All you have to do is find out what makes you an organized person, and do that. It’s different for every person, but if you get in a routine, everything gets easier.

In Sisterhood,

Ashley Ellenz

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The Importance of being Politically Aware

Many millennials do not think that it is important to be involved, or even aware of what is happening in politics. I have to respectfully disagree.


Studies show that people who are more involved politically from the first election they can vote in, the more likely they are to be involved the rest of their lives. That holds true for us as well. Our generation is who is going to be effected the most by what is happening now, not our parents, us.


Politics aside, Bernie Sanders started a movement with millennials. “Feel the Bern” was more about getting young people motivated than it was about free college tuition. If our generation turned out as a whole, we would outnumber the baby boomers. That’s huge. We have a voice and it’s a big voice, if we start using it now, we can shape our future so we aren’t trying to fix the mess being created now.


This year’s election is a mess and I completely understand abstaining from voting, but the important thing is that people understand what the issues are and how they affect us today and in the future.


Voting is a civic duty, but it doesn’t mean much when you don’t know what you or the candidate you want to vote for, really stands for. Take a look at BBC or NPR every now and then, just try to be more aware of what is happening and how it affects us all in the future.

Jamie Morrissey

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Tips & Tricks for a Fun and Safe Spring Break!

It’s March, and that means spring break! For most college students, spring break is a carefree time for us to spend away from school, responsibilities, and to spend way too much time in the sun. While it is a time to relieve stress of midterms and the upcoming hectic weeks, it is also full of increased accidents and crimes around the country. Below I have found some helpful tips when traveling for spring break on how to stay safe and responsible. In addition, there are some tips on how to make the dollar stretch a little farther while traveling.


The following tips were suggested in an article by Sarah Tedford, coordinator of K-State’s Healthy Decisions. She is part of K-State’s counseling services.


  • Buddy Systems—don’t go ANYWHERE alone. Jogging, walking, or leaving with strangers alone can make you vulnerable to dangerous situations.
  • Drink responsibly—never drink on an empty stomach, or drink while on prescription medicines or other drugs. If you are drinking in the hot sun, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Alcohol consumption makes you more susceptible to sunburn, so make sure to prepare accordingly.
  • Always lock your cars, hotel doors, and keep your valuables hidden in a secure area.
  • When traveling with your own medications—make sure they are clearly marked and bring paper copies of prescription medications for backups.
  • For emergency preparation—keep one credit card for unexpected expenses, health insurance card, emergency contact information, and a photo ID at all times.


As a college student, spring break causes us to pinch our pennies throughout the year. Once on spring break, we realize how expensive it really can be; only to return to the never-ending list of bills that we left behind. To avoid a little pain of expenses, I have a list of money saving ideas I’ve learned over the years. I use these simple tips on a daily basis and plan to use them while on spring break also.


  • Pack granola bars, cereal, or other dry foods to avoid expensive airport food or having to purchase single-serving foods while traveling.
  • When arriving at your hotel, buy food from the local grocery store to microwave or make in your hotel to avoid eating out for every meal.
  • Look on websites such as groupon.com for coupon deals on activities, dinners, group rates, etc. in your area to save money.
  • Plan out activities before you go so you can tentatively budget for the entire trip beforehand.
  • To avoid thieves and pickpockets, keep your money and valuables in a closed pouch of your purse or in your front pocket–not the back.
  • Don’t keep all of your cash and credit cards in one place.
  • When shopping, avoid pulling large amounts of cash out in the open at once.


Spring break should be a time to relax and temporarily forget about school. Remember these tips while having fun and you’ll come back just as relaxed and ready for the rest of the semester. Hopefully they help you when planning your trip!

In Sisterhood,

Shelby Droddy


Image cited: http://www.theprepperjournal.com/2013/07/19/road-trip-from-hell-shtf-and-your-family-is-1000-miles-away/



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